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Indonesia is well known for its Rajangan tobaccos (Cut Rag), which is a farmer’s cut rag tobaccos. The difference between the Rajangan and normal Cut rag found anywhere else in the world is that the Rajangan tobaccos are cut while it is still green. The cut green tobacco would then be brought out to the sun to be cured.There are two types of Rajangan tobaccos in Indonesia, the Rajangan Halus (soft cut) and the Rajangan Kasar (rough cut).In the Rajangan Halus, green tobaccos are cut into fine strands of hair before dried out in the sun.In the Rajangan Kasar, green tobaccos are cut into bigger pieces of strands comparing to the Rajangan Halus.

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Sun Cured
Sun Cured tobaccos are tobaccos which are cured using sunlight. Sun cured varieties grow in Indonesia include the following : Kasturi, Madura, Jatim, Lombok, Jombang, Paiton, Weleri, Kedu,tulungagung, Besuki, Garut, Galek,Lumajang VO.The sun cured tobacco varieties in Indonesia, just like the rajangan, are typically named after the region which they are grown. In local language, these sun cured tobaccos are also known as “kerosok” which means loose leaf form.

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Indonesian Burleys are grown in Lumajang area in East Java. It has a high impact characteristic and can be easily identified due to its distinctive white spots appearance.Indonesian Burleys are grown in Lumajang area in East Java. It has a high impact characteristic and can be easily identified due to its distinctive white spots appearance.

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Flue Cured Virginia

In Indonesia, Flue Cured Virginia (FCV) tobaccos are grown in Lombok and Bali region. FCVs grown in these different regions have different characteristics and purposes in a cigarette blend. Whereas the Lombok  FCVs are more of a flavor aromatic style and Bali FCVs has hight impact.

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Dark Fired Cured
Dark Fired Tobaccos (DFC) are grown normally in the region around Klaten and Boyolali. In Indonesia, DFC tobaccos are brought to curing barn in green form. The leaves are hung, and is dried directly with smoke coming from burning rice husk at the bottom of the curing barn.

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Dark Air Cured
Dark air cured tobaccos are mainly used for Cigar Production. These tobaccos can come in 3 styles used for different purposes in a cigar product. They are the Wrapper, Binder and Filler. At the moment, there are 4 different varieties of Dark Air Cured tobaccos grown in Indonesia which includes : Sumatra, TBN, Voorstalen, Besuki NaaOogst.Among the tobaccos mentioned above, MDR dedicate itself in working with the Besuki Naa Oogst. Besuki Naa Oogst leaves are harvested and is then transported to curing barn before curing it with light smoke.Tobacco is then transported to the buying station where it is bought by MDR. MDR will sort, ferment and pack the tobaccos before delivering it to the customer.

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