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Indonesia is well known for its Rajangan tobaccos (Cut Rag), which is a farmer’s cut rag tobaccos. The difference between the Rajangan and normal Cut rag found anywhere else in the world is that the Rajangan tobaccos are cut while it is still green. The cut green tobacco would then be brought out to the sun to be cured.There are two types of Rajangan tobaccos in Indonesia, the Rajangan Halus (soft cut) and the Rajangan Kasar (rough cut).In the Rajangan Halus, green tobaccos are cut into fine strands of hair before dried out in the sun.In the Rajangan Kasar, green tobaccos are cut into bigger pieces of strands comparing to the Rajangan Halus.

Most often, the stems of tobaccos are also cut and mixed into the tobaccos as well.Rajangan varieties in Indonesia are normally named after the areas which they are grown.Varieties of Rajangan tobaccos include the following Temanggung, Besuki, Maesan, Paiton, Weleri, Madura, Jombang (Pak Pie),Garut, Lombok, Ampenan, Curahnongko, Wringin.

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