Drive In Denver Aims To Ban Flavored Tobacco Products

It was a stuffed house at the Denver City Council meeting on Wednesday morning to discuss another drive that would boycott enhanced tobacco and vape juices. 

"The top health spokesperson has announced a pandemic of youth vaping," Councilwoman Amanda Sawyer told a group. She is co-supporting the drive with Councilwoman Debbie Ortega. It's intended to target youth vaping explicitly. Ellen Penrod, Executive Director of American Lung Association in Colorado, is on the side of the proposition. 

"I trust gathering makes the best decision and passes the boycott," she told CBS4's Mekialaya White. "We realize that flavors are the main way that organizations junkie kids with nicotine. They start with a vanilla character, and perhaps they don't care for it. However at that point somebody says 'goodness, I have a mango flavor, gracious I have crème brûlée,' and this expands the time that they're presented to the nicotine, and it's profoundly habit-forming."  Penrod says the unsafe effects represent themselves. "It's not simply water fume it is synthetics, you are taking in synthetic substances into your body and we don't have the foggiest idea what's in a great deal of these vapes." Philip Guerin has possessed smoke shop Myxed Up Creations for almost 30 years, and energetically contradicts an expected boycott. 

"No one backers for youngsters smoking. No one," he said. He says he has severe rules, and clients should be old enough to purchase and appreciate seasoned tobacco from his business. He likewise advocates for stricter nurturing.  "With great nurturing, with the schools authorizing the limitations that are now set up, this would disappear," he said. 

The effect on his business would be impeding. 

"Particularly since it is a great idea to hold great assistance since the pandemic, this would adversely affect what we're attempting to do here."