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Mangli Djaya Raya is an Indonesian tobacco company established in 1960. Located in Jember, East Java,

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Some Features that Made us Unique

Added Value to Customer

High Quality

Vast networks of farmers that ensure continuity supply of high quality and customized tobaccos.

Great Support

Investment in new plant and warehouse emphasizes MDR’s commitment in customers’ satisfaction and product continuity.

Professional Service

Investment in advanced IT system to improve service efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement

Continued improvement and development of human reseources.

Custom Product

We Serve Product Customization

Excellent Lab

Investment in modern laboratory to maintain our high standart of product quality


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Tobacco crops can help combat Covid-19 , How It Works ?

When I asked one of South Africa’s foremost futurists, Pieter Geldenhuys, to offer his insight into fighting the Covid-19 disease, I assumed that he would mirror the advice offered by his peers. I expected comments like “flattening the curve” to ensure the availability of intensive care facilities, and with a vaccine months away (and winter on our doorstep), I thought he would suggest cycles to balance both societal health and economic survival until enough vaccines could be produced to enable heard-immunity. Perhaps I expected advice on strengthening societal cohesion in times of uncertainty, or the focus on bolstering your family’s health to optimise survival once affected. The rationale behind his rather unconventional advice, however, is quite logical. It has everything to do with the speed at which we can produce a vaccine for Covid-19. “Developing a vaccine to assist humanity in fighting the various strains of the Covid-19 is but the first act of the play,” he says.

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arisona permadi

March 30th, 2020

5 Things About Coronavirus

A new SARS-like virus is spreading through China and has infected nearly 300 people, according to the latest News24 report. The first case has just been identified in Washington in the USA, and airports are implementing screening measures to curb the spread of the disease. This virus appears to be an entirely new strain of coronavirus (novel coronavirus or 2019-nCoV), even though it may be closely related to the virus that caused severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) a number of years ago.

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arisona permadi

March 20th, 2020

Newfoundland accused facing tobacco tax offences in Cape Breton

The town of New Castle will no longer collect its voter-approved tobacco sales tax, possibly for the remainder of year. According to a statement issued by the town, revenue generated from the tax during the months of January and February were trending in a direction that, if allowed to continue, could surpass the $65,000 threshold voters approved last year.

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arisona permadi

March 17th, 2020

In tobacco country, Trump’s tariffs hit hard for growers and communities

A generation ago, the annual opening of the tobacco market was a big event in this eastern North Carolina city. Bales of sweet-smelling tobacco leaves lined the warehouses downtown. People crowded in — politicians looking to boost their credentials with the powerful agriculture community, local reporters covering the market, farmers and their families and, of course, merchants ready to make a sale. Today, that activity is privatized, with transactions taking place in offices, buildings and factories away from the public eye. The shift obscures the crisis facing growers throughout the South, as well as the industry and those depending on it. “You don’t see it, but a lot of these people are hurting bad,” says former Democratic congressman Bob Etheridge, who led the state office of the U.S. Farm Service Agency from 2014 through 2017.

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arisona permadi

March 16th, 2020

Cannabis Can Repair Brain Cells Here’s How Scientists Think

Cannabis could prevent, repair, or even reverse the loss of brain cells from head injuries or neurodegenerative diseases. Although the research is still in its infancy, evidence suggests marijuana does not kill brain cells, and might even help them regrow. For decades, governments and academics told us that smoking weed would lower our IQs, slow our reflexes, and even destroy our brain cells. These Reefer Madness-like claims were based on faulty studies, and they ignore new research that not only suggests cannabis doesn’t harm the brain, but that the plant could potentially regenerate brain cells, too. 

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arisona permadi

March 12th, 2020

These are the cigarettes and rolling tobacco due to be banned from May

These are the cigarettes and rolling tobacco due to be banned from MayFrom May 2020, smokers will be unable to purchase particular kinds of cigarettes and rolling tobacco after new laws come into force. As part of the UK government's new plans to curb smoking across the nation, the government will be bringing in a ban on certain kinds of tobacco products on 20 May. Stemming from the EU's Tobacco Product Directive laws, the ban will outlaw cigarettes that have a "characterising flavour", other than tobacco. This includes menthol and skinny cigarettes, as well as flavoured rolling tobacco.

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March 10th, 2020

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