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Upon receiving tobaccos from the buying stations, it is our interest to deliver quality products to our customers. Tobaccos are sorted according to grades desired. During the sortation process, we maximize the removal of non tobacco related materials (NTRMs). After sortation, tobaccos are taken to the manual processing stations. This is where customers can decide the form of their products. These are the forms that we provide : Handstripped, Loose Leaf, Open Laid, Butted Loose Leaf, Bundled, Fermented.
Once tobaccos are in their final form, these green tobaccos will then be taken to our redrying facilities, where they will be reconditioned and redried. This is a process to remove the greenish odor and ammonia, to improve the taste and aroma of the tobacco. Redrying will also extend the storage period and prevent tobaccos from getting mouldy. After redrying tobaccos are then packed in C48 Cartons or Hessian Bales for efficient storage and delivery.

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