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  • Mangli Djaya Raya is committed in preserving its heritage as a tobacco company and pursuing high product quality standard
  • Maintain and develop cultivation of tobacco plantation and continuous improvement system
  • Improve human resources and environment aspect
  • Improve welfare of stakeholders which include farmers/suppliers, employees and customers

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(MDR) is an Indonesian tobacco company established in 1960. Located in Jember, East Java, MDR is committed in preserving the tobacco heritage introduced during the Dutch colonial era, is a company which operates in exporting of Besuki Na-Oogst and Besuki Voor-Oogst. The company is located in Jember, a small town in the eastern part of East java. It was established by: Budi Laksmono, Indra santoso, Effendi santoso, and Hasantono Santoso, in April 11th, 1960, under the company name of FA. PRAWIRO.

In the effort of developing its business within 42 years. PT.MDR as a small company has the opportunities to become one of the supplier of Besuki NOTA (early crop), Besuki Voor-Oogst sun cured and flue cured for various manufactues of cigar, cigarette, pipe, roll your own and chewing tobacco and some tobacco dealers. In the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, French, United Kingdom and the United States. The First cooperation was done in 1972 with AL VAN BEEK of the Netherland, which lasting only in about 1 (one) year. Then, in 1984, PT.MDR established another cooperation with a Dutch company named Deli Maatschappij. Again, the cooperation did not last longer than only 1 (one) year. The company, finally, had to do the marketing its products independently.

MDR continues to strive as a leading tobacco leaf supplier around the world. With over five decades of experience in the tobacco industry, MDR has envolved as a key player in the Indonesian tobacco leaf supply market. Together with over 7000 workforce and 25 facilities spread nationwide, MDR has the reputation of providing excellent services and products to our customers. We understand that every customers has different product needs due to the distinct blend and process involved in their factories. Product customization is an area that we strive to provide our customers

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