Na Oogst World-recognized Tobacco

At first tobacco develop in Jember called tobacco Besuki Na Oogst (Bes NO), it means the leaves were planted after paddy harvest. in Bes NO, tobacco observance commonly planted in May or entering dry season, where planting paddy is no longer productive at this season. Bes NO usage for raw cigar materials, commonly named : Besuki Na Oogst Early Planting (BesNOTA) were planted around May and harvested in July, The Shade Grown Tobacco planted almost along with BesNOTA, TBN.The management of those three tobaccos are basically the same,which differ only in the land treatment,such as watering because it involves different planting season.The final result of these three kinds of tobaccos are : Dekblad ( Wrapping ), Omblad ( Bandage ), Filler.

Tobacco processing relatively complicated and requires leghthy time;ranging from the field, to the processing barn and up to the sorting and fermenting process. An appropriate management determine the grade of leaves as described on flavor ( taste ), elasticity, colour and burning quality. Shade grown tobacco (TBN) is a result of developed tobacco cultivation technique by using shade of nets. The usefulness of shading is to reduce the sun exposure by 30% and protect it from pets and disease. NO tobacco is widely grown in Ajung,Jenggawah, Ambulu, Wuluhan and Rambipuji.

Jember Regency is famous for producing one of the best Tobacco in the world. Through the potential of this tobacco plant, Kabupaten Jember has long been famous and legendary as a "city of tobacco". And one of the largest tobacco producer and producer regions with quality products. Not only in the national market, the city of Jember has long been known in several European countries such as Bremen.The flagship production of Jember mainstay is tobacco. Cigar enthusiasts know exactly that cigars made in Cuba, America, Switzerland and Germany are expensive and classy. Kabupaten Jember through Besuki tobacco is one of the cigar suppliers.